18-19 February 2017 Olympia London

The Pc Gamer Weekender played on OMEN by HP


Kévin Ghanbarzadeh (Shaunz)

Kévin Ghanbarzadeh (Shaunz)

Unlike a lot of professional players, Shaunz has pursued studies and obtained an engineering degree. Despite dedicating a lot of his time to school, he still managed to play in several national and international team during his player career, before switching to the coaching role. After a rookie LCS split with Gambit Gaming in 2015, he endorsed the head coach position for Team Vitality during the whole 2016 year. Since late 2016, he took even more responsibilities in the french organization. He's now head of esport and has the hard task to lead Vitality to the top on a lot of different games, from Hearthstone to League of Legends. In the meantime, he keeps dedicating his free time to streaming and promoting League of Legends competition in France, making his game knowledge available to the fans

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18-19 February 2017 - Olympia London




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