18-19 February 2017 Olympia London

The Pc Gamer Weekender played on OMEN by HP


Will Maiden

Will Maiden

System Designer, Star Citizen , Foundry 42
Will works on core mechanics for both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe. He designs systems that allow the player to do the things they want to do. For instance, his recent tasks have involved figuring out how cargo containers should be moved from one ship to another and how a player might go about surveying an asteroid for landing and ground movement. Essentially his job is looking at the activities the player wants to perform and then breaking it down into gameplay that is fun but challenging enough so the player feels he/she accomplished something meaningful when finished. Will has been with Foundry 42 for just over a year, having come to Star Citizen off the back of a year teaching game design and indie game development at Playground Squad. Before that, he worked a Sony’s Evolution Studios for more than eight years, working on DriveClub and the MotorStorm franchise.

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18-19 February 2017 - Olympia London




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