18-19 February 2017 Olympia London

The Pc Gamer Weekender played on OMEN by HP


VR Zone sponsored by Alienware

Dell Alienware will be sponsoring a special VR booth powered by the Alienware Aurora over the weekend, in which attendees will be able to go hands-and-heads-on with a selection of different VR titles.

With five HTC Vive headsets set up (including space to move about, of course), everyone will have the chance to play a selection of six different titles: Fantastic Contraption, the VR update of the classic building/machine sim; Job Simulator, which allows you to live out your wildest dreams of having a job (it’s great, of course); The Gallery (on HTC Vive), the episodic Kickstarter success that channels the Goonies and Myst; CosmoTrip, a natively VR real-time strategy game; The American Dream, ‘a samurai punk virtual reality game’; and Raw Data, an action-heavy first-person shooter set in some surreal locales.

That’s a lot of VR to get your head around and in – and it’s all free to try out at the PC Gamer Weekender on our VR booth. 



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18-19 February 2017 - Olympia London




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