PC Gamer Weekender

17-18 February 2018

Olympia London

Games on show at the Weekender

What can you play?

What can you play?

Last year SEGA brought the long anticipated Dawn of War III to your fingertips for the first time, as well as Endless Legend, Endless Space 2, Motorsport Manager, Sonic Mania, Company of Heroes 2, Dawn of War II and Total War: Warhammer. Microsoft gave you a chance to get your hands on the new Halo Wars 2 Blitz Firefight mode, and Blizzard brought the iconic Overwatch.

Bandai Namco also returned to London with its Entertainment Zone, where you got to play Tekken 7, Little Nightmares and Impact Winter. You also had the chance to play games from CI Games, Torn Banner, Tripwire and THQ Nordic.

On top of all this was a whole host of indie games, as well as some nostalgic classics in our Retro Gaming area and a lot of fun to be had in our special VR booth.

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The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Project Lead Ollie Smith took to the PC Gamer Weekender Studio to tell us a bit more about how it works:

Top pre-release games

Top pre-release games

Keep an eye out for announcements about the 2018 line-up
Up-and-coming indies

Up-and-coming indies

Be the one who played it before it was famous

You can find more videos from the PC Gamer Weekender Studio and stages here.


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