PC Gamer Weekender

17-18 February 2018

Olympia London

Games on show at the Weekender

What can you play?

What can you play?

The huge gaming area offers plenty of chances to experience the latest games, from hot pre-releases to super-cool indies and retro classics. New titles already confirmed for 2018 include: open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG Biomutant, RTS/RPG hybrid SpellForce 3, turn-based strategy games Frozen Synapse 2 and Phoenix Point and super-promising co-op vs. horde sequel Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

Our top picks...


Playable for the first time in the UK


Playable for the first time in the UK

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Phoenix Point

Playable for the first time in the UK
  • 1943

    1943: The Battle of Midway is a 1987 shoot 'em up arcade game developed and published by Capcom.
  • Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

    One of PC gaming's strategy classics is brought to life with beautiful modern visuals – come try it for yourself. 
  • Anger Force: Reloaded

    AngerForce: Reloaded is an action-packed vertically scrolling shoot'em up game that pays homage to the classics of 90’s arcades. This high octane experience is set against the backdrop of a 19th centu ...
  • Annwn: The Otherworld

    Explore the surreal archipelago of the celtic Otherworld, evading the sweeping gaze of the Watchers. Hurl your soul from one totem to another in search of answers. Manipulate the environment to progre ...
  • Basingstoke

    Basingstoke is a brutal arcade rogue-like game with no hitpoint life system for the main character - only instant death!
  • Battlefield 1942

    Battlefield 1942 let players engage in infantry combat and get behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles from submarines to battleships and bombers. The game is where DICE developed the signature Batt ...
  • Battlezone: Combat Commander

    Battlezone: Combat Commander remasters FPS-RTS classic Battlezone II with slick new visuals, brand new achievements, Steam Workshop support and much more! Fight across 24 intense missions, over 6 exot ...
  • Beast Quest

    Beast Quest is action-adventure title with RPG elements based on the beloved Beast Quest fiction franchise, which has released over 120 different books to date with more than 17 million copies sold gl ...
  • BEYOND TYPE 1: 2150

    The year is 2150. Humanity has discovered the ability to manipulate space-time itself and travel throughout the galaxy, advancing beyond a Kardashev Type 1 civilisation. This has led to numerous human ...
  • Biomutant

    BIOMUTANT, is a new and original open-world action RPG for PlayStation4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Set in an imaginative post-apocalyptic universe, BIOMUTANT is a kung fu fable featuring fantastic crea ...
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