PC Gamer Weekender

17-18 February 2018

Olympia London

PC Workshops

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Republic of Gamers OC3D Intel

Us gamers love getting under the hood of our PCs, upgrading components, perfecting our set up and making it run the latest games as fast as possible. Lead by hardware experts from Republic of Gamers, these in-depth workshops will look at some of the improvements you can make to your PC and how do it, no matter your experience level. 

YouTuber Tom Logan of OC3D, will be there to host the event and offer his expertise...

tom logan

PC Building Workshops

PC Basics

What’s in a gaming PC these days, anyway? We cover all the crucial components, why they’re important, and how they work together to run the latest games. With a focus on current tech like 8th Generation Intel CPUs and Nvidia’s 10 series GPUs, everything in this session is directly relevant to a 2018 gaming PC build. If you’re thinking about building a PC but have no idea where to start, this is the perfect intro for you

Practical Build Session

You’ve heard the theory, now it’s time to get building! With the guidance of TinyTomLogan of OC3D fame and the ASUS ROG team, you’ll assemble a gaming PC from scratch. We’ll bring everything you need including ASUS motherboards and graphics cards, Intel CPUs and Corsair RAM. You’ll come away from this session with the confidence to build your very own system at home

High-end PC building

For this session we discuss the benefits of high-end components and the best ROG gear. What’s the difference between a gaming motherboard and a standard one? How much difference does water cooling make? Do racing stripes and a spoiler REALLY give you extra performance? Find out the answer to all these questions and more!

During this session, TinyTomLogan will be assembling a high-end PC which will then be used for overclocking. 

Overclocking and tweaking

A full look at how to overclock a high-end system with several methods, including software overclocking and manual tuning in BIOS. What’s the best way to safely extract the maximum performance from a CPU, and what happens when it goes wrong? We’ll also discuss the technology allowing ROG motherboards and Intel CPUs to get the best overclocks. How far can TinyTomLogan push an 8700K?

PC Clinic

If you’ve got any burning questions about PC hardware or want some advice on PC building, come down and ask the experts! From RAM to RGB, we’ve got it covered




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